Depression, Anxiety, & ADHD, Oh My…

In celebration of no longer being a medicated mind, I would like to share with you what functioning is like when your mind is consumed by the 3 lovely disorders I have. Now, I will admit, living with anxiety and depression is a bit of a contradiction. You care way too much about every possible … Continue reading Depression, Anxiety, & ADHD, Oh My…


Wine Diaries Part 1: The Counselor

After you read this you will understand why this glass of wine is much needed and pretty much deserved at this point. It's Sunday, my husband is asleep, I'm in an over-sized shirt and some cupcake pj pants, and curled up with a glass of wine and my beloved laptop. So allow me to explain … Continue reading Wine Diaries Part 1: The Counselor

12 not 21

Alright, so I am sitting here listening to throwback songs from the 2000's and all I can think about is the awkward middle school phase that every child/tween goes through as a rite of passage... HOWEVER, can we discuss how kids are completely skipping that phase now? Like no. Sit down. You don't get to … Continue reading 12 not 21

Lost in Limbo: What its Like to Love After an Abusive Relationship

When you're 17, you think you have the world figured out like who you are, where you see yourself in 5 years, and if you're dating someone you may even think that it will be like the movies and that you'll stay together. Well, reality comes along eventually and shakes you. You have no idea who … Continue reading Lost in Limbo: What its Like to Love After an Abusive Relationship