Lost in Translation: Month 1

So far I have discovered a few things…

  1. Venice has two Sephoras within the same area. Two. Lord have mercy on my wallet.
  2. There is such a thing as french fry pizza and it is not as strange as you think.
  3. It is hard to find a dog to adopt even though everyone has one.
  4. Indiana is actually a place that can be missed.
  5. Sushi places are amazing here.
  6. Coffee is everywhere.
  7. God bless wine.

I made it, survived my first month away from home and the first month of married life. I mean I knew I could easily get adjusted to living with Nick, but living so far from home is a different story. I remember one of the first mornings I was here and Nick had work. I wanted sushi so bad and thought, “I think I’ll go to Fresh Thyme today…” only to remember, “Hey stupid, you don’t have a car or the ability to drive here yet, and Fresh Thyme is not a thing here….” However, there are a ton of sushi places around in the surrounding towns, interesting right?  But that’s beside the point. I never thought I could possibly miss good ol’ Lafayette. Yet, I don’t know if it’s Lafayette I miss… I think it’s more the people than anything. But, there is no point in thinking about what I am missing at home, because if I do that… I will be missing everything here. 

In other events, other than the occasional wave of being homesick, Italy is amazing. It still hits me that most people won’t ever get to see other parts of the world. Some people will miss out on watching the sunset over Florence after walking up more than 400 steps, or walking through Venice. Some people, even if they get to visit once, won’t get to see everything, and we have that chance. Driving from our little town called Porcia to Venice is like driving from Lafayette to Indianapolis and driving from Porcia to Florence is like driving from Lafayette to Chicago. We could go whenever we honestly feel like it!

Wine vineyards here, are like corn fields back home. They. Are. EVERYWHERE. And the wine itself is just amazing. Not to sound like an alcoholic but I could honestly never get enough of it. Most everyone here drinks wine at least for lunch or dinner, if not both. Now, for me that’s a bit over kill, because honestly as much as I love it, that would be too much of a good thing every day. However, the wine is also very easy to get and fairly cheap. Alcohol here just seems cheaper in general to be honest. Among wine being a very common beverage, so is coffee. People here LOVE coffee, cappuccinos and  espresso to be specific. We were even able to buy our own espresso machine at a local store. (Thank you Starbucks for teaching me to make lattes, bless you.)

The food is to die for. Pizza is everywhere and it is definitely different than American pizza. For instance, if you order a pepperoni pizza here, you will literally get a pizza covered in peppers. So, instead you have to order a spicy salami pizza if you want pepperoni like at home. In Venice, french fry pizza is also pretty common and not as weird as you may imagine. It’s like combining 2 of the most amazing foods ever. Sushi is another common food here, surprisingly! Thank God because I love sushi and Asian food in general and this would have been devastating… however I still miss take out.

Lastly, dogs. Dogs are all over but it is almost impossible to find a pet shop like at home. I mean at home you could go to the Humane Society and adopt any pet. We did find one pet shop in a town or 2 over, but the puppy we wanted to see had already been sold. And while on the adventure to find a pet shop, google maps liked to tell us that old houses outside of towns were pet shops, when clearly it looked like a bad plan to lure puppy lovers in and kill them in these secluded houses. But, that is just a wild assumption after it took us to a second house… We did manage to find a local pet page for the base and we adopt our dog tomorrow from a couple that is leaving for a new base soon.

So, with that, I give you my first month in Italy. Very random, fairly overwhelming, full of small adventures, and something I wouldn’t give up for the world. Stay tuned for part 2!




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