What the hell 2016?


Dear 2016,

Let’s reflect on a few things that have happened, shall we? Donald Trump ran a hate-filled campaign and some how managed to win. Hillary Clinton broke voting records and somehow still lost due to a process called the Electoral College. Bees are dying at alarming rates. Several other animal species are on endangered lists/on the verge of completely going extinct. Syria is in shambles due to war. People still aren’t over the death of Harambe. Russia is believed to have helped rig the election in Trump’s favor. Water is undrinkable in Flint. Police brutality is on the rise. Racism is alive and well along with sexism, homophobia, and islamphobia. Tomi Larhen doesn’t know left from right along with other media outlets. Women’s rights still seem to be the top priority for those without a uterus. Student debt is still a major issue. Native people are still having to fight for their land. Indiana has been deemed one of the most depressing states (shocker). Shall I continue?

Face it, 2016 you were a shitty year, but there can be hope for 2017. Now, I mean, not all of this year was horrible, but it was still pretty rough. 2017 could be better if we try to make a change. For starters, we are all human beings, every single one of us, regardless of what our skin tone is, who we love, what gender we belong to (or don’t), what religion we practice, who we voted for, etc., and it’s time we start acting like it. This is the 21st century, yet with all of the progress we have made, some of it may send us back by decades because we still choose to point out the differences rather than look at our similarities.

Nothing will change unless we are willing to put forth the effort to genuinely try to make a change. Protesting by smashing windows, burning cars, defying police, breaking the law, etc. is not the way to create change. Creating change starts with each individual. 2017 could be a great year, or it could be worse than 2016, but it is all going to be determined by if we want to make a change or not. This year, try to do something that causes a positive change. Change starts with one person and can influence millions.

2017, please don’t be shitty like 2016.


A concerned human being



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