Advice for Moving in the Military

If I had a dollar for every time I heard something different in regards of what I need to move, I would be able to buy the damn plane ticket to see Nick myself.

From the get go, this process has been anything but ordinary or easy. With my experience, I have a few bits of advice for any military spouses trying to move overseas to help avoid the issues I have had throughout this entire process.

  1. DO NOT go to a reserve base. I live in Indiana and tried going to the reserve base here and got the run around each time I called to schedule a passport appointment or ask for help on what I needed. Going to the base in Ohio ended up getting the process started.
  2. Have every bit of paperwork they ask for and then make copies. It is absolutely necessary to have a backup because God forbid you lose or ruin the original.
  3. Keep everything organized. Pretty self-explanatory.
  4. Make sure you have your birth certificate, his/her orders, and your original marriage certificate.
  5. ASK if you have questions. Do not be afraid to call a few different places if something doesn’t seem right. The reserve base here told me I needed a physical to get my official passport… a physical.
  6. Ask for the next available appointment to get your ID card/passport/visa. This way, you can try to speed things up a bit.
  7. Be patient. As awful as the process is, remember why you’re doing it to begin with!

My process has also been a bit rocky because our marriage certificate is originally in Korean and the English version is apparently not up to Indiana’s standards? HOWEVER like I said, be patient, do everything the best you can, and cry if you need to. Just keep looking forward to never having to say goodbye and having it all fall into place.


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