Wellbutrin & My Well-being: Month 2

Wellbutrin: A drug to treat major-depressive disorder that increases your dopamine and norepinephrine levels (1)

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): a psychological disorder that can cause major issues in daily life by causing depressive moods/episodes and a lack of interest in daily activities (2)


About 3 months ago,  I was in a state of complete depression. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I cried every single day. I would eat too much or not enough (same goes for sleep). I missed my friends but didn’t want to put forth the effort to see them. My depression was causing a big strain on my relationship, and I hadn’t felt this low in years. I used to attend counseling, but it wasn’t enough. I finally went to the doctor and wasn’t really surprised to find I had been diagnosed with MDD. My Dr. put me on Zoloft and I felt pretty good, but it was kind of a fake happy; I felt like me, but more like a happy zombie.

At the next appointment she switched me to Wellbutrin and it’s now been 2 months. Things seem to be pretty ok. I still don’t sleep enough or I sleep too little, but I don’t mind being alone and I can actually manage to get up and clean or eat breakfast. For the longest time I was told that medication won’t help if I don’t do something to snap out of it… so I believed it. I tried to do it on my own and basically just crashed and burned. Sometimes, it isn’t just something I can “snap out of”. One thing I have learned by studying psychology, is that sometimes its just an imbalance brain chemicals… too many or too little and no matter what you do sometimes you need the extra help.

So, every day I take a little white pill in the morning to feel like myself. A lot of people see shame in that, but I don’t. And why should I? Why should I be shamed for the fact that I got help when a lot of people don’t? Things seem to be looking up for once. I mean, it doesn’t help that I’m thousands of miles away from Nick, trying to move, register for school, and mentally prepare for leaving everything I know behind. However, even if a little white pill won’t change those things, it sure as hell helps.

Don’t be afraid to test the waters to see if you can find something to help you too…




(1) http://whatmeds.stanford.edu/medications/bupropion.html

(2) https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/major%20depressive%20disorder





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